Murray Downs Golf and Country Club Course History

Murray Downs Golf & Country Club is situated in the heart of Kidman Reid's historic Murray Downs sheep station on the opposite side of the mighty Murray River at Swan Hill in Victoria.

Construction of the Murray Course commenced in mid October 1988 and was formally opened in March 1991.

A decision was made back in the late 80's to construct a course that would attract golfers of all standards. Efforts made to build individual holes based on specific strategies for play as they separately apply to the long hitting professional, the average player and the beginner was a masterstroke.

Ted Parslow (Course Designer) has ensured that the most important ingredient for low scoring is playing to position. Fairway shaping, mounding, bunkers, tees, lakes, and green orientation have been carefully considered so as to maximise the reward for the golfer who plays to position. Today, over-adventurous shots are often severely penalised.

A wide range of trees and shrubs were planted at the Murray Downs Golf and Country Club. These were carefully chosen for their suitability in the area and located in groups so as to frame each hole, define preferred shot direction and to provide an ever changing vista to golfers as they proceed with their round.

Today, the Murray Downs Golf and Country Club is the No: 1 course along the Murray River.

the 18th hole at murray downs golf resort

What is now the 18th hole at Murray Downs 

starting murray downs golf club building

Work begins on the Murray Downs Clubhouse 

Murray Downs Club house

The Clubhouse starting to take shape 

Murray Downs Fairways, hole number one golf course

Construction of the 1st hole of Murray Downs 

seventh hole at murray downs resort

The 7th hole in the early years

5th hole at murray downs resort

Murray Downs today